Sales Process

We focus on consistent execution of our sales process. This is done via our CRM management software and communicated at regular intervals with our principals.

This includes written summaries of customer communications; top level summaries of project activities and targeted customer efforts matching up our principals’ capabilities with customers highlighting the market potential.

Speed to Market

Our team knows our markets, our customers, and how to bring your capabilities to the right audience to quickly identify a path to success. Call us to see how we can help you achieve your growth goals

Professional Team

Our team brings many years of experience in our industry. We bring an in depth selling process at all levels of our customers. We understand selling industry leading technologies and customer specific designs. We sell complex programs into our OEM customers. We also understand and partner closely with the industry leading distribution channel partners. Above all we represent your company incorporating our core values

At Staffco, it is our mission to earn our customers and principals’ trust by listening, anticipating their needs and acting to create value in their eyes.

We provide coverage and support throughout the Midwest and the Southwest border.

We continue to align with Companies’ whose products and services complement each of the lines we represent and who offer technologies that help our customers differentiate their products. Our sales philosophy is to connect solutions for our customers providing comprehensive offerings to their design challenges. We strive to be a most valued resource to our customers.

The markets we serve are as diverse as the territories we live in and include Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace, Power Conversion, IoT, RF/Wireless and others. Therefore, our Salespeople are equally diverse, and we have specialists serving specific industries in some cases on a North American or global basis.

As an Electronic Components Representative it is important to provide continuous support to the distribution channels our manufacturers use, and we have dedicated customer service and management to work with our Distribution partners. Our goal is to raise the visibility of the Manufacturers we represent through joint calls, increased design registrations and quick turns on quote requests.